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Things I can't tell you anymore

Dan Framed1.jpg

I was asked to create this piece for Alan by his son.

Alan has dementia,

and is sadly unable to communicate anymore.

This incredible idea provided a link with his care givers.

A series of simple, yet important points which enable understanding

of the human who no longer has a voice.

All Blackshoe pictures are created from scratch, so these pictures can be adapted for anyone of any age with any condition 

To create a piece for your loved one is quite simple

Initially I need a description of your loved one for the central character.
(Just Name/age/hair details)


Then you choose the points you'd like to make
Take your time over these, speak to family and friends

They can be ANYTHING that is important to YOUR loved one

You can choose how many points you'd like to add
Alan's piece has 15, you can choose more or less to suit you
Simply send a list.


If you're not sure, or want advice - ask - I'm always about!


How much are they?

These pictures are priced by number of boxes / points you'd like adding.

You can make yours as detailed or a simple as you like


Every picture stats with a person in the centre

After that each box is counted as 1 character

So Alan's picture with 15 boxes

is priced as a 16 character piece

Work out how many boxes you want and click the "Portrait Prices"

and you'll see all the options listed

Alternatively contact me by chat below

Or by email at:

Katie x

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