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Frequently Asked Questions...

The first thing most people say is, "What do you need from me? Photo's or descriptions? 
How do you get the people to look like us?"

This page is all about those questions........................


How do you make them look Like us?

I really don't need all that much detail:
Name, Age, Hair details... This is enough to get your basic character.
(Then anything specific... extra tall - glasses ...huge boobies etc)

Do you need me to send photographs?

You're welcome to send photos as a reference... though I will also need the basics in a list to work from.
Photos can be really deceptive, so I can't work from them alone.
If you do send them - please ensure hair length and colour can clearly be seen.

What about extra details?

Tell me if your child has a favorite toy, or do they like to be dresses as a Superhero? 

Does Hubby love a cold beer, and maybe a wine for you?

These are the little extras which really make a difference to your picture.. though don't overload on detail.. Blackshoe is about simplicity, and often less is more!  

With lots of extra detail per character looks best. 
Nb.. The items added need to be smaller than the characters. Large items like Cars or Bikes aren't suitable.

Help! I can't think of any extra details..

Here's a few of the most popular to stretch your imagination..

*  Cuddly Toy                               *  Football team's shirt                   *  Microphone

*  Princess dress & Wand           *  Cake                                           *  Mobile phone

*  Spiderman Suit                        *  Fishing rod                                 *  Apron and mixing bowl

*  Dummy                                    *  Pipe

*  Pint of beer                              *  Knitting

*  Football                                    *  Handbag 
*  Glass of Wine                          *  Chewed up shoe for the dog!!

You get the idea! If you need any help, just ask!

Do you draw the pictures by hand?


Yes I do, each piece is drawn directly onto paper following the instructions you have given. The names are added, and the title. Your piece is then scanned into the computer.

At this point it is saved to disk and the colouring stage begins. 


This is where I use a fabulous program in which can select any colour from the spectrum you could wish for… hair colour and skin tone is added, and clothes are coloured.

Your picture is beginning to come to life!!


It is printed onto the best quality 300gsm bright white card. If required, any finishing touches are added by hand… And only when I'm completely happy with the result… It is posted out to you first class!

How long does it take?


My maximum turnaround time is 28 days from payment to delivery.
Though I mostly work well within this.


Usually when there is a special occasion due: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas…etc
The turnaround is at its maximum.


It is always best to check before you order if you're pieces for a special occasion, just to make sure I can confirm it will be with you in good time.

How do I pay?

Should you decide to go ahead with an order, I will send over an invoice by email.
This accepts Paypal or card payment. You DO NOT need a Paypal account to use the link.

Payment is at the beginning of the process. It confirms your order and secures your space in the diary.
Please note that unpaid invoices will be automatically cancelled after 3 days.

What size are they?

Blackshoe Portraits are now available in both A4 and A3. 

The individual cards are A5  and fit a maximum of 8 characters

The small cards used in the sets are A6 and again fit a max of 8 characters.

Hanging hearts are 5" x 5" and fit the maximum of 4 characters

The Mugs are 11oz

Can I add my pets?


Pets count as a character. Check out the gallery to see examples of Blackshoe® Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Birds, horse, Pigs, Sheep, Tortoises, Badgers, Guinea Pigs, Chickens, cows, badgers.. and we've just introduced the first Blackshoe® giraffe!!

Can I get a copy of my portrait?

Yes you can, All work is saved to disk..... so it can be reprinted to the same quality as your original piece. (Titles can be altered.)
If just one copy is required it is charged at half the price of the initial piece, however the more copies required, the lower the price per copy.

So please contact me if you would like a quote for multiple copies.
Copies can be requested either at the time of order, or after you have received your piece.

Nb. Very early Blackshoe portraits may not be available.

Do I get to see a draft for approval?

I don't offer a draft for several reasons.
Mostly due to the number of orders rec'd, but also part of the magic of being Blackshoed, is the surprise and excitement of receiving your product.

In practice it was found that when a draft was shown, people would not find any errors - but rather ask to be made slimmer, or taller, or ask to be moved to be stood next to a different person - all things that are incredibly difficult to alter on a completed piece. (This affects turnaround dramatically and is impossible in practice with the number of orders coming in.)  

The Vast majority are delighted with their Blackshoe. (See reviews page)

Obviously - in the unlikely event that Blackshoe makes an error on your piece - It will be corrected and resent without question or charge.

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