Blackshoe® Cards

Blackshoe cards are fast becoming popular all over the globe... sending smiles far and wide.

There are 2 options when selecting Blackshoe Cards:

  • Blackshoe Single Occasion Cards
  • Blackshoe Batched Card Sets

Blackshoe Single Occasion Cards

A Blackshoe cards can be sent for any occasion you can think of... from a Happy Birthday, or a good luck on your driving test... to a specific card.. Congratulations on your divorce...Stay Strong.. etc...

Single cards are 6" x 8" and are printed onto high quality White Card.

They start at £9 (Uk P&P £2.60)
...To include 2 characters

Each extra Character is £1.25
Contact me for more details.

  • Blackshoe Batched Card Sets

Batched Card sets are ideal for when you want to send more than one card out containing the same message:

  • Christmas Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Party Invitations
  • Easter Cards
  • Etc...

These cards are 4" x 6"

They ideally fit a maximum of 

6-7 characters and come in the following sized sets:

10 Pack - £16.75    (UK P&P £3.00)

20 Pack - £24.00   (UK P&P £3.50)

30 Pack - £32.25   (UK P&P £4.00)

40 Pack - £41.00   (UK P&P £4.50)

50 Pack - £48.50   (UK P&P £5.00)

75 Pack - £68.00   (UK P&P £5.50)

100 Pack - £86.00   (UK P&P £6.00)

We can also now add text to the inside of your cards for a small extra cost...

Whether you want the details of your party..

Or a thank you message to send out in all your cards?

Want to avoid thinking of extras to write in your Christmas cards...
You choose the words.. and Blackshoe will do the rest.. 

.......even matching the colours to the front of your card 

For 10 card packs............Add £2.75

For 20 card packs..........Add £4.00

For 30 card packs..........Add £5.50

For 40 card packs..........Add £7.00

For 50 card packs..........Add £8.50

For 75 card packs..........Add £12.00

For 100 card packs........Add £15.00